SINSSA was born with the belief that everyone deserves honorable living conditions.

We are driven by a passion for community, affordable housing, design and quality construction which allows us to be a part of making this world a better place.

We help our clients make a positive impact through our partnership with non-profits to contribute fresh water to families in Africa.




is entering the last phase of construction. Expected completion:

May 2013

We utilize renown steel frame products that allow us to achieve fast, reliable and automated production, and construction capabilities without the need for skilled labor. Our technology empowers our clients to realize an efficient and economical end product.


We strive to create sustainable and sensible solutions through innovative thinking.

SINSSA trains and utilizes the workforce of local communities in order to build our structures. This creates job oppurtunities in the places we build and contributes to community enhancement.


FilterPure is a non-profit that manufactures and distributes ceramic water filtration devices in developing countries. They are committed to providing safe drinking water to the at risk populations of the developing world. They use proven low-tech water purification technology that is completely sustainable and effective in developing countries.

We are proud to partner with them in our Build to Give Campaign.

Welcome to Sinssa. We are the industry leading light steel frame sustainable design and build company dedicated to providing cost effective high quality houses utilizing the latest steel framing technologies. So what does that mean? Let us explain.

Steel Frame Housing Cost

Steel frame housing costs less than traditional, wood framed houses to build in a number of ways. First, steel framed houses take approximately ½ to 2/3 of the time to build. Additionally, because we use lightweight steel, foundations are smaller and less dense. And lastly, because we utilize flexible building methodology, contractors can use supervised unskilled labor from start to finish. Each of these aspects maximizes profits by keeping costs low.

Light Steel Frame Building Safety

The light steel frame buildings we create provide unparalleled residential safety. For instance, our frames have been fire tested to up to 1000 C degrees and have shown that houses built with steel frames have more structural integrity than wooden frames and have the potential to save lives in a severe fire by preventing a collapse. The increased structural integrity of the frames provides residents with increased protection during an earthquake. Our steel frames have been tested in earthquake simulators and were able to withstand a multitude of earthquake scenarios up to a magnitude 9 earthquake with no serious damage making this the ideal solution for earthquake prone areas like California. And last but not least, this same structural integrity provides increased wind resistance. Steel framing has been shown to be able to resist wind speeds of up to 150 mph, making it the perfect solution for tornado and hurricane prone areas.

Steel Frame Construction is Environmentally-Friendly

Not only does the use of lightweight steel frames cut down on the number of trees harvested for the construction of new homes, but the use of steel frame construction reduces environmental impact due to our product's longevity and recyclability. Not only are our steel frames recyclable, but most are made from recycled material. Think about this: it takes a quarter of an acre of trees to build a new home. The same home can be framed with the recaptured steel of 4 junk cars. Steel can be recycled again and again without losing any of its integrity. What's even better is that steel buildings can actually be taken apart, moved and reassembled, cutting down on raw material waste.

The ease in transportation cuts down our carbon footprint as well, which is important to helping fight global warming. In addition to this, the recycling process to reclaim steel occurs in electric plants that produce no carbon dioxide, further diminishing the effects of production on the environment.

Sinssa provides a variety of services in the residential market including design and build services, building volume housing, rapid housing builds for disaster relief and much more. Sinssa was developed with a dream that that everyone should have access to affordable, safe, and honorable living conditions. We want to make a difference in this world and our products to make the world a better place in which to live. For more information on our services and what we can do for you, visit: